Common Causes Prompting You to Repair Your Bentley’s Brakes

The Chelsea Workshop

Having a Bentley is one of the most prized possessions for any individual. Their brand of cars is distinct from others in terms of smooth driving, sophisticated mechanisms, and unmatched performance. As a result, you can find a touch of luxury and fine polish in all the car’s components.

How Bentley Car Brakes Are Unique?

When talking about the components of a Bentley, you cannot ignore its brakes. The brakes come with double callipers on each brake, which makes them different from other vehicles. They generate extra power while stopping, ensuring safety in stopping the car in an emergency.

Why You Might Need to Service Brakes of Your Bentley?

When you identify any problems with your Bentley’s braking system, you must not wait. Visit your nearby Bentley servicing in Knightsbridge to get expert guidance. They can identify several problems and provide a complete solution, which are discussed in the following section.

  • Overheated Brakes: If you regularly drive your Bentley through challenging terrains, the brakes may become weary. They become overworked and heated, which affects the rotor discs and brake pads. While applying the brake, a miniscule amount of gas escapes through the resin of the pad. This reduces traction and can cause some problems stopping the car. If the problem persists for a long time, get it checked by a car servicing professional.
  • Worn Out Brake Pads: It is one of the most vital parts of the braking mechanism in a car. To retain its good performance, you need to replace it more often. Whenever you apply the brakes, the pads clamp onto the rotors and lose a bit of their upper surface layer. As a result, you may find your brakes to squeal during its application. It is a prominent sign that the pads should be replaced immediately.
  • Leaking Brake Fluid: The Bentley brakes maintain a high hydraulic pressure during application. This helps stop the vehicle smoothly, especially during an emergency. If there is a leakage in the system, the brake fluid will slowly ooze out. This reduces the overall performance of the car brakes, and your car will slow down. Inspect the brake fluid whenever your vehicle covers 30,000 miles.

Regularly checking the braking system can help identify the issues. To perform it efficiently, you must communicate with a reputable Bentley servicing in Knightsbridge. You can get help from The Chelsea Workshop, an independent garage specialising in repairing Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Our team consists of experts who can take a look at the braking issues of your Bentley car and provide effective solutions. For more information, you can visit our website today.