Five Red Flags Your Bentley Requires Prompt Transmission Repair

Bentley cars come with premium eight-speed dual-clutch transmissions that can last long. With such a powerful car, you should prevent the transmission from damage. This will boost not only its performance but also its lifespan. Be aware of the following five transmission issues besides daily transmission visits. And don’t hesitate to opt for your nearby authorized Bentley servicing for quick repairs.

Warning Signs Your Bentley Needs a Transmission Repair

Humming sound

All modern Bentleys come with automatic shifts, which can emit an annoying humming noise if they ever develop issues. These strange sounds can be coming from rounded-off gears. Alternately, it might be low gearbox fluid levels, a worn-out reverse idler, worn-out bearings, or something completely different.

Grinding sound

Bentleys are known to offer superb comfort with sporty responsiveness. Shifting gears is silky smooth and easy, as well as silent. If you ever hear grinding noises, your gearbox’s mechanical components are rubbing up against one another. Whether low gearbox fluid is to blame or not, this is quite harmful. Hire an expert technician to look right away.

Slipping gears

Slipping gear is another warning sign of transmission issues. This can happen due to worn gear teeth, faulty torque converter, low fluid, or something else. This issue can make your car rev loud when you fail to shift your gears properly. Sometimes, you might notice a sudden change of gears automatically, which is extremely risky while on the road.

Sticking gears

If you are experiencing issues with the gearbox, you might find them sticking and not shifting. A delay in your gear shifting is one of the early signs of this issue. It’s not a good decision to continue driving in this condition, as your transmission can overheat and break down quickly.

Leaking fluid

This is one of the most common transmission issues. When the fluid ages and becomes dirty and thick, it loses the lubricant functionality. If the leak isn’t fixed quickly, this can cause the most damage. As transmission fluid is light red in colour, keep an eye out for signs of red fluid under your vehicle.

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