Four Tips to Follow for YourRolls Royce Servicing and Maintenance

Rolls Royce

Do you have a luxury car like a Rolls Royce? If yes, you know how much it takes to service and maintain the high-end cars. Rolls-Royce stands at the top of the list when you talk about the most famous luxury cars in the world.

Buying such a vehicle is still a dream for many. But, the overwhelming part is that these cars need to have a different level of attention and servicing to ensure smooth functioning. You must find a professional and reliable repair shop that offers Rolls Royce Servicing in Belgravia and local areas.

If you have a luxury car like this and think about how to maintain and take care of it, you are at the right place. In this blog, you will learn the maintenance tips you must follow.

Rolls-Royce Servicing & Maintenance Tips

  1. Reduce The Exposure Of Cars to Natural Elements

Indeed, you cannot always avoid exposing your high-valued car to the natural elements. However, the luxury cat can be damaged due to constant exposure to excessive heat and pounding rainfall.

As you cannot avoid them while driving, keep the vehicle under the shed when not in use. You can cover the car with water-resistant car covers.

  1. Well-Maintained Rolls Royce Interiors

This car is luxurious not only from the outer surface but also from the interior. No car owner will love having poorly maintained car interiors, mainly when the vehicle has a bespoke interior to explore.

The car owner needs to inspect the condition of the car interiors regularly to ensure that it offers the same level of luxury and comfort all the time. The servicing professionals generally vacuum the floors, seats, dashboards, and centre console, which will help keep the interior of the car dust-free.

  1. Inspecting The Tyres

The Rolls-Royce cars come with ultra-light, well-fitted tyres. Ensure the tyres are inflated properly per the tyre pressure applied during manufacturing. You can also check the side door for the correct tire pressure. It is recommended to check the tire to see the damage. The expert technician will help you to understand the tires in the right manner.

  1. Regular Servicing

There is no replacement for regular maintenance and Rolls Royce servicing. You can also look at the car manual for how often your vehicle needs servicing. A new vehicle will have fewer issues than the older one.

If you have a Rolls Royce, you need regular maintenance from the experts. You can get professional Rolls Royce servicing from trained technicians at Chelsea Workshop. Visit our repair shop to know more.

4 Signs That Show Your Favourite Bentley Needs Transmission Repairing

Bentley Transmission Repairing

Bentley has the trusted 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that lasts as long as your car works. Having such a performing vehicle will allow the transmission to reduce its lifespan. In addition to this, regular maintenance is needed, and you need to keep an eye on the transmission issues.

You do not need to be hesitant to visit the Bentley Servicing Surrey for prompt transmission repair at the sign of trouble in the vehicle.

Major Signs That Show the Bentley Has the Transmission Issues

Having Grinding Noises

Bentley is famous for combining luxury and comfort with features like an elegant and sporty look. A big part of these characteristics is silky smooth ease and shift gears. They must always be easy and silent in this vehicle brand. If you are hearing the grinding sound, then the mechanical parts are struggling against one another inside the gearbox.

It might be due to the low transmission fluid present, and whatever might be the reason, it is quite unhealthy. For this, you need to consult with the technician as soon as possible.

Humming Sounds from the Car

The last Bentley to come in the market with the intact stick shift option was the iconic 1954 Bentley R-type continental. Since then, all the modern models of Bentley have had automatic shift options. It can sometimes emit some strange humming sound when they have issues in functioning.

The round-out gears might be creating a humming noise in the vehicle. It can be an adequate level of transmission fluid that, once again, is a bad thing for the vehicle, and it must be removed as soon as possible by the experts.

Slipping Gears

Another issue with the transmission of Bentley is the presence of the slipping gears. It might happen because of the faulty torque converter, worn gear teeth, presence of the low fluid or anything else. With the help of slipping ears, the car might rev faster and louder when you are shifting the gears. Later, you will find the gears suddenly changing and popping up to the neutral.

Leaking Fluid

You can see that transmission issues involve lots of transmission fluid. If the fluid ages and becomes too thick and gets dirt, it will lose its essential function as a lubricant. Leaking of the transmission fluid will cause damage to all the leaks. Transmission fluid is light-colored. So, you need to keep an eye on the red fluid that is dripping under the vehicle.

If you face all these issues with Bentley, you can go for Bentley Servicing for transmission failure. Consult the team from Chelsea Workshop that offers Bentley servicing and repair. Visit us now to resolve vehicle-related issues.

Tips To Keep Your A Pre-owned Bentley in A Pristine Condition


Owning a luxury Bentley car is one of the greatest wishes that everyone has in their minds. However, very few come closer to fulfilling that dream. Even if one cannot buy a first-hand luxury vehicle, one may attempt to purchase a pre-owned vehicle.

If you have a second-hand luxury car like a Bentley, you might know the importance of keeping it in the best condition. You must visit a reliable source for Bentley servicing in Surrey for complete care and maintenance. Ensure that you incorporate the right kind of spare parts to retain its functionality.

How to Take Care of A Pre-Owned Bentley Car?

With preventative maintenance and care, you would be able to keep the pre-owned car in a pristine condition. We discuss more about this in the following section of this blog.

  • Check its Fluid Levels: Proper lubrication is a major requirement for a smooth ride in a luxury car. Ensure that the vehicle’s fluid levels are in the best condition that keeps your car functional. You must check the levels of transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid regularly. Too high or too low fluid may hamper the overall performance of the luxury vehicle.
  • Practise Responsible Driving: Having a luxury car does not allow you to swoop through the streets. You must drive responsibly, which does not cause harm to any components of the vehicle. Do not drive aggressively or stop or start your car suddenly. Carefully drive through roads filled with potholes and craters. Not only does it keep your car components in their best condition, but it also helps to retain their best condition for years.
  • Use Original Parts: In any problem related to the car components, you have to invest in quality spare parts. For luxury cars like Bentley, you must ensure that you use the original spare parts. The parts provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) are designed specifically for the models. The vehicle would operate seamlessly and enhance performance effectively.

Get in Touch with a Professional:

These are a few preventative maintenance tips to follow for a pre-owned luxury vehicle like a Bentley. If you want better assistance from a reliable source, contact The Chelsea Workshop. We are a reputable source offering high-quality Bentley servicing in Surrey. You can remain assured of getting the finest professional assistance and original spare parts for your Bentley car. For more information, you can visit our website today.

A Brief Guide on Maintaining Your Rolls-Royce For a Better Performance


Do you own a luxury car like Rolls-Royce? If yes, then you must have known the efforts it takes to maintain these high-end cars. Rolls-Royce is the epitome of a luxury car, and owning it is still the dream of many people. But luxury cars do need a different level of attention to ensure their smooth running. You need to find a reliable garage for Rolls-Royce servicing in Surrey. Let’s dive deeper into the subject below.

Rolls-Royce Maintenance Tips

Minimise Exposure To Natural Elements

Avoiding exposure to natural elements isn’t completely possible. But, your luxury car can be damaged by excessive exposure to scorching sun and even pounding rain. Though you can’t avoid them while driving, make sure to park your car under the shed to ensure maximum protection.

Well-Maintained Interior

No luxury car owner would love having a poorly maintained car interior, especially if you have a bespoke interior. You need to inspect them regularly to ensure that it gives you the same level of comfort and luxurious experience. Vacuuming the floor, seats, dash, and centre console can help you keep your car’s interior dust and dirt free. We suggest taking your car to a reputed garage for deep cleaning to ensure its superior look.

Tyre Inspection

Rolls-Royce cars come with pre-fitted ultra-high-performance tires. Make sure that all the tires are inflated as per the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer. You can also check the inside of the driver’s side door to learn the correct tire pressure. You can also check your tire for visible damage and wear or tear. An expert technician can help you best understand your tire’s condition.

Regular Servicing

There is no replacement for regular servicing your luxury cars. You can also take a look at the car’s manual to learn how often your car needs servicing. A new Rolls-Royce will typically have less frequent servicing than an older one. Besides, if you have a road trip planned ahead, take your car for regular checks to be sure of its optimum condition.

Insurance Audit

It’s needless to say that having the right insurance is crucial when you own a luxury car. We recommend a periodic audit of Rolls-Royce automobile insurance to make sure that you have enough coverage.

The Chelsea Workshop is the right place for Rolls-Royce servicing in Surrey. You can count on us for proper servicing and repairs of your car. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

How To Ensure That Your Bentley Runs Fast on the Road?

How To Ensure That Your Bentley Runs Fast on the Road

Are you a proud owner of a Bentley? Along with luxury and elegance, the car’s speed is the major motto behind purchasing a Bentley. A Bentley is a sportier car, running faster than the Rolls Royce. So from the moment, you put a foot down, you can expect a surge of speed and smoothness with your Bentley car. The Bentley car’s control panel board will help keep your car steady.

However, if this fast car suddenly slows down, then there’s certainly some problem with the car. Bentleys are powerful cars. They are luxurious, undoubtedly; however, these cars have immense power, speed, and a technologically built-up system. If you feel that your Bentley is not running at the speed it had in the beginning, then you need to go to a mechanic for Bentley servicing.

Here are a few servicing tricks to bring back double speed in your Bentley car.

What are the requirements of Bentley servicing for speed enhancement?

Proper tuning

All Bentley specialised mechanics believe proper tuning is essential to make the car run faster. Bentley Dyno Tune is an integral part of the Bentley servicing process, which is largely responsible for making the car faster and smoother on the road. This process is done to optimise and boost the airflow process, timing and produce more fuel and horsepower to make the car faster. You will also come across mechanics offering Bentley ECU tuning. The only difference between the two processes is that a Dyno machine is used to adjust the engine in Dyno tuning. With the help of a Dyno machine, the maximum possible amount of power is pushed into the vehicle, keeping the car’s safety in mind.

Upgradation of the exhaust system

The downpipe is installed during this process, which is generally absent from the beginning. Your Bentley will have a stock pipe meant to balance the comfort and efficiency level of the car. However, this pipe restricts smooth airflow and reduces the car’s speed. Upgrading the downpipe exhaust system removes the restriction. This pipe allows a maximum amount of airflow into the car’s system and also improves the efficiency and speed of the car.

Stock intake

An adequate stock intake system is a factory limitation during the production of Bentley models. If you’re planning to increase the speed, make sure that you upgrade the same to a high-performance cold air intake. This upgrade will ensure that a sufficient amount of cold air is being infused into the induction engine of the car and improves the speed accordingly.

If you’re looking for a fully equipped company for proper Bentley servicing, bring your car to Chelsea Workshop. We will fix all issues readily and return your car to its original form. To know more, check our website.

Five Red Flags Your Bentley Requires Prompt Transmission Repair

Five Red Flags Your Bentley Requires Prompt Transmission Repair

Bentley cars come with premium eight-speed dual-clutch transmissions that can last long. With such a powerful car, you should prevent the transmission from damage. This will boost not only its performance but also its lifespan. Be aware of the following five transmission issues besides daily transmission visits. And don’t hesitate to opt for your nearby authorized Bentley servicing for quick repairs.

Warning Signs Your Bentley Needs a Transmission Repair

Humming sound

All modern Bentleys come with automatic shifts, which can emit an annoying humming noise if they ever develop issues. These strange sounds can be coming from rounded-off gears. Alternately, it might be low gearbox fluid levels, a worn-out reverse idler, worn-out bearings, or something completely different.

Grinding sound

Bentleys are known to offer superb comfort with sporty responsiveness. Shifting gears is silky smooth and easy, as well as silent. If you ever hear grinding noises, your gearbox’s mechanical components are rubbing up against one another. Whether low gearbox fluid is to blame or not, this is quite harmful. Hire an expert technician to look right away.

Slipping gears

Slipping gear is another warning sign of transmission issues. This can happen due to worn gear teeth, faulty torque converter, low fluid, or something else. This issue can make your car rev loud when you fail to shift your gears properly. Sometimes, you might notice a sudden change of gears automatically, which is extremely risky while on the road.

Sticking gears

If you are experiencing issues with the gearbox, you might find them sticking and not shifting. A delay in your gear shifting is one of the early signs of this issue. It’s not a good decision to continue driving in this condition, as your transmission can overheat and break down quickly.

Leaking fluid

This is one of the most common transmission issues. When the fluid ages and becomes dirty and thick, it loses the lubricant functionality. If the leak isn’t fixed quickly, this can cause the most damage. As transmission fluid is light red in colour, keep an eye out for signs of red fluid under your vehicle.

Are you looking for a reliable workshop that specializes in Bentley servicing? If so, get in touch with us at Chelsea Workshop. Our skilled staff of mechanics is capable of performing anything from standard, same-day maintenance to extensive overhauls and restorations on all Bentley models. To know more about our offerings, go through the website.

Why You Should Never Skip a Bentley Servicing?

Reasons you should never skip a Bentley servicing

Bentley is one of the most luxurious automobile brands in the world. However, to ensure it runs at its optimal performance, proper servicing is necessary. Make sure you take your Bentley car for servicing at scheduled times for smooth and efficient running for years. When you visit an authorized workshop for your Bentley servicing in Surrey, inspections will be made by qualified mechanics. If needed, they will make the necessary adjustments, including oil changes, tune-ups, and much more. But, if you skip a scheduled service, here are some issues that may take place.

Reasons you should never skip a Bentley servicing

  • You may void your warranty

If you have a Bentley, it’s very important to keep up with scheduled servicing. The warranty will be void if you skip servicing. Moreover, ensure an authorized Bentley mechanic performs the task if you want to avoid paying for expensive repairs later.

  • Your car may fail in emissions tests

Vehicle emissions are one of the main causes of air pollution, which can have adverse impacts on public health. So, make sure your Bentley is well-maintained to pass emission tests. Neglecting servicing will lead to more emissions, and you might need to fix your car or pay fines if it fails the test.

  • Expensive repairs

Scheduled Bentley servicing in Surrey can fix a variety of issues that may be limiting the car’s functionality. It helps to detect problems earlier that may otherwise cause significant damage later on. In the long run, proper servicing can save you money and time. 

To sum up, these are the reasons that say you should never skip getting your Bentley car serviced in time. Opting for scheduled servicing is the best possible way to keep your Bentley running like new.

If you are in search of a fully-equipped workshop that can provide the best possible care to your Bentley, then get in touch with us at Chelsea Workshop. From servicing to repairs, our dedicated team of qualified mechanics can fulfill all your needs.

Some Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce That You Didn’t Know

Some Interesting Facts About Rolls Royce That You Didn't Know

Henry Royce worked on a variety of mechanical and electrical technologies for 20 years before choosing to concentrate on the vehicle in 1904. The English engineer, who was confident he could produce much better automobiles than those being produced on the French side of the English Channel, managed to persuade Charles Rolls, an aristocrat and native countryman, of his abilities. The two teamed up to start Rolls-Royce two years following, in 1906, and what followed is legendary in the world of automobiles. In today’s world, Rolls Royce is considered to be a luxurious car with Royal attire which is very rare to be seen on the road and so is the Rolls Royce Servicing Centre.

Here are some unknown facts about the luxury car:

  • The first-ever version of Rolls Royce had ten horsepower:

The initial Royce design debuted in 1904 and featured a 1.8-liter, two-cylinder engine with 10 horsepower. The Royce 10 had a twin camshaft engine that controlled the overhead and side exhaust valves, as well as a three-bearing crank. A three-speed manually operated gearbox was connected to that mill to get the entire thing moving.

  • The rights to the ornament cost BMW tens of millions of dollars:

The rights to The Spirit of Ecstasy belonged to Volkswagen when BMW purchased Rolls-Royce from them in 2002. BMW approved the requirements and paid a sizable sum after accepting an offer from Volkswagen for $40 million for the transfer of ownership of the property.

  • More than 60% of all Rolls-Royce vehicles are still operating:

Making strong, long-lasting automobiles has always been a priority for Rolls-Royce. Not less than 65 percent of the total Rolls-Royce vehicles that have ever left the manufacturing line are still in use and are currently on the roads, demonstrating the company’s dedication to exceptional manufacturing standards.

  • One time, Rolls-Royce produced a machine gun with a.50 calibers:

For the nineteenth century, it was also fairly groundbreaking. Dr. Spirito Mario Viale, the chief of the technical department at Rolls-Royce, worked to enhance the Browning M2, a standard machine gun, during World War II. In contrast to the conventional gas technique, the Rolls-Royce. 50 cal had a locking breech, fired twice as fast, and weighed less than the M2. The Browning remained the preferred firearm despite its frequent jamming issues and excessive muzzle flare. In Leeds, England’s Royal Armouries Museum, one specimen continues to be believed to be in existence.

  • The 300 mph club was founded with the assistance of a Rolls-Royce engine:

When Andy Wallace, driving a Bugatti Chiron hypercar, reached 304.77 mph last year, the automobile industry was shaken. The first car to reach that magical speed was a Rolls-Royce, though. In the 1930s, the Rolls-Royce V-12 engine’s 2,300 horsepower, 36.7-liter supercharged engines were renowned for their ferocious power and dizzying speed. Sir Malcolm Campbell, driving a Campbell-Railton Blue Bird equipped with a Rolls-Royce V-12, established the speed record in 1933, reaching 272.46 mph. At the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats in 1935, Campbell made a run of 301.33 mph with his crude land rocket.

Emerging from the nineteenth century and continuing its legacy to date, Rolls Royce has proved to be an unbeatable exception in the manufacturing industry. However, due to the rare parts and unique mechanisms, it is very rare to find a trusted company for your Rolls Royce servicing. You can undoubtedly contact The Chelsea workshop, a Rolls Royce and Bentley specialist since 1977. Visit our website for more details.

3 Common Bentley Problems For Which You Need Bentley Restoration Service

Bentley Repairs Chelsea

Bentley is a premium car known for its smooth and powerful on-road presence. These cars are elegant, luxurious and sophisticated in their visual appearance. However, with proper care, a Bentley car’s mileage and value might stay the same over time. If you want to retain the car’s high-performance value, then bring the car to professional and authentic mechanics for proper Bentley restoration in Cobham. 

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