How To Ensure That Your Bentley Runs Fast on the Road

Are you a proud owner of a Bentley? Along with luxury and elegance, the car’s speed is the major motto behind purchasing a Bentley. A Bentley is a sportier car, running faster than the Rolls Royce. So from the moment, you put a foot down, you can expect a surge of speed and smoothness with your Bentley car. The Bentley car’s control panel board will help keep your car steady.

However, if this fast car suddenly slows down, then there’s certainly some problem with the car. Bentleys are powerful cars. They are luxurious, undoubtedly; however, these cars have immense power, speed, and a technologically built-up system. If you feel that your Bentley is not running at the speed it had in the beginning, then you need to go to a mechanic for Bentley servicing.

Here are a few servicing tricks to bring back double speed in your Bentley car.

What are the requirements of Bentley servicing for speed enhancement?

Proper tuning

All Bentley specialised mechanics believe proper tuning is essential to make the car run faster. Bentley Dyno Tune is an integral part of the Bentley servicing process, which is largely responsible for making the car faster and smoother on the road. This process is done to optimise and boost the airflow process, timing and produce more fuel and horsepower to make the car faster. You will also come across mechanics offering Bentley ECU tuning. The only difference between the two processes is that a Dyno machine is used to adjust the engine in Dyno tuning. With the help of a Dyno machine, the maximum possible amount of power is pushed into the vehicle, keeping the car’s safety in mind.

Upgradation of the exhaust system

The downpipe is installed during this process, which is generally absent from the beginning. Your Bentley will have a stock pipe meant to balance the comfort and efficiency level of the car. However, this pipe restricts smooth airflow and reduces the car’s speed. Upgrading the downpipe exhaust system removes the restriction. This pipe allows a maximum amount of airflow into the car’s system and also improves the efficiency and speed of the car.

Stock intake

An adequate stock intake system is a factory limitation during the production of Bentley models. If you’re planning to increase the speed, make sure that you upgrade the same to a high-performance cold air intake. This upgrade will ensure that a sufficient amount of cold air is being infused into the induction engine of the car and improves the speed accordingly.

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