Air Suspension System

Are you using the Rolls Royce Phantom or Ghost model? Then, you are getting one of the finest rides on the road. The luxurious feel of the bump-free ride is due to the cushioned air suspension system of Rolls Royce. This system adjusts every bump on the road. You will get an unmatched enjoyment every time you drive. However, it does not mean that you will never face issues.

As with any car, no matter the brand and quality, you can face suspension issues that will hamper the driving experience. Whenever you face issues with your expensive car, you can consult a professional who offers Rolls Royce servicing in Belgravia and nearby locations.

The function of suspension in Rolls Royce

Before you delve into details about suspension malfunctions, you need to know how this system works. The beauty of Phantom and Ghost suspension models lies in their design, which features a chassis on all four corners of the vehicle. As a result, these vehicles provide dynamic handling and safety systems like active roll stabilisation.

The variable damping control creates a comfortable drive even on the roughest roads. The fine-tuning of the air suspension system allows the Rolls Royce models to respond to small changes in the road surface. In general, the suspension system is designed to handle minor adjustments. The highly sensitive sensors work with the computer, reading the inputs to respond in real-time.

Rolls Royce has an Air-filled Suspension System for a better riding Experience.

Rolls-Royce provides a smooth ride compared to other vehicles. It is due to the addition of compressed air. It provides cushioning, which keeps the vehicle responsive even on uneven surfaces. The contained air provides an impressive ride. However, this system can face two issues-

Compressor –

One of the most common reasons for suspension system failure is a leak that lowers the down pressure level. The leak causes the controlled compressor to struggle to maintain the weight of the heavy vehicle.

Sensors –

These small but vital components for your luxury vehicle are sensors. When the sensors fail, the air suspension also fails. Sensor issues can be identified faster than compressor issues. However, they need attention to get the system on track.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Rolls Royce’s suspension, sensors, or compressor, rest assured that the experts at Chelsea Workshop are here to help. Our team is well-versed in Rolls Royce servicing, and we meticulously check these crucial parts to ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.

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