classic car

A classic car comes with all that elegance, heritage, history, and glory. And if you dream about restoring a classic car for your personal use, we don’t blame you at all. As a leading Rolls Royce Servicing in Kensington, we know a thing or two about restoring classic cars. And, here we will share with you a detailed guide on the factors to consider when you are choosing a classic car for restoration.

Three ways to pick your favourite classic car for restoration

So, let’s look at how to narrow down your hunt for the perfect classic vehicle to restore.

Set a budget for your classic car

A classic car is not necessarily cost-effective. And we believe you know that you have already chosen this pursuit before. For instance, something like a Ford or Mustang Boss can cost you a great deal. So, this is the elementary part: you have to set a transparent budget for the car. And in this budget, you should also include the hiring fee for the professionals in case you need dedicated service.

Check the availability of the spare parts

This is an important aspect to keep in mind when you are doing your comparison shopping. You would not like to choose an extremely rare model that doesn’t have its spare/parts in the mass market for circulation. So, choose prudently. We will always advise you to consult with an expert before you make up your mind.

Assess the bodywork condition

So, once you pick a group of cars to make your final selection from, conduct a thorough assessment. You should begin this investigation at the level of the bodywork. Look for rust and dents on the surface. Later, you should move on to the operational components of the car. You need to check the conditions of the exhaust system, suspension, brakes, transmission, air conditioning unit, interiors, wirings and everything else. If you feel that these important parts are severely impaired and, in turn, can skyrocket your repair or reconstruction cost, it is best to step back. Moreover, you might come face to face with the option to choose between the original or the modern parts for repair. Since we are concerned with a vintage car, we will highly recommend that you go for the authentic parts instead of their mass-market equivalents.

Hire an expert servicing company

A vintage car is a sophisticated clockwork. You would not want to meddle with it if you lack the relevant know-how. This is precisely why we ask you to consult with an expert servicing company that has extensive knowledge of high-end cars, like a Rolls Royce servicing in Kensington. This is why Chelsea Workshop could be your fitting assistant in restoring your classic car. So, do you nurture the dream of car restoration? Reach out to us today!

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