Rolls Royce 68 T1 engine

Your favourite Rolls-Royce can suffer from engine issues. Time can also be unkind to engine components. Even they can fail when they age. The other auto parts of the vehicle can suffer when the engine components get affected. Fixing Rolls-Royce’s engine issues cannot be done by DIY techniques.

Whenever you face issues with your vehicle, it is better to get help from an auto repair shop that offers high-end vehicle repair, like Rolls-Royce Repairs in Belgravia or nearby locations. The technicians follow the latest technology to repair the faults as soon as possible.

The Major Engine Problems to Identify In Your Rolls Royce Car

  • Coloured Exhaust Smoke

One of the obvious signs that the Rolls-Royce engine is having trouble is the change in the colour of the exhaust smoke. Normally, the exhaust smoke is light and wispy; thus, a colour change makes it easily identified. If you see blue, thick white or black fumes coming out, the vehicle is having engine issues.

Black exhaust indicates that the catalytic converter has failed to work and can no longer convert dangerous engine chemicals. On the other hand, blue smoke is a sign of an oil leak in the exhaust system, and thick white smoke means that the engine is suffering from a coolant leak. One of the major causes of these leaks is damage to the head gasket.

Once this sealant is damaged, liquid can easily access other sections of the engine. Professional repair technicians can repair this head gasket and make the engine work better than before.

  • Worn Out Ignition Coils

The spark plug is connected to the engine cylinder. It provides the spark that ignites the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders. The plug generates only 12 volts, which is not sufficient to ignite the compressed fuel-air pressure. Each plug connects with the ignition coil, which offers a massive power boost to around 50,000 volts. These coils wear out like other components.

A failed ignition coil prevents it from connecting to the spark plug to ignite the cylinder components. If this happens, it means that the engine can misfire anytime. The technicians will examine the coils and replace the damaged parts quickly to fix the issue.

Apart from these, the engine can also suffer from a jammed thermostat. The engine operates at a high temperature of 185 F and 220 F. This extreme heat can damage the engine components. Rolls-Royce has a cooling system to control the engine temperature. The technicians can also resolve any issue with the thermostat.

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